Hi wow sorry, been a busy few days. I graduated college (yay!) and I went to like a million different parties. I will be online to reply tomorrow either before work or after. I’m passing out now.

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Confessions of a mediocre RP blog...


1. I have favorites. I try not to - and I do truly give every new thread a chance. But favorites happen, because some people write in a way that just thrills me in particular. I will try not to focus too much on my favorites, knowing that each new person I roleplay with…

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[Text] Y not? bet ur pride is sweetr tahn most of the things u swallow [Text] No reson [Text] Unles my chik thinks he is ok w just 2 even after he spils halv of it becus he is 2 drunk 2 spell fuck

[Text] You’re clearly more sober than me if you’re making such clever sex jokes

[Text] Not too drunk, phone too stupid, I swear JARVIs is ducking w me. 

[Text] That’s it I’m done. I want Lo Mein right now. I want to have a carload of Lo Mein in my lab right now. 

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Just Another Meeting [open]



She wasn’t sure how Steve had caught her goofing off since he was turned away from her, but the elbow to her side said he’d noticed and it wasn’t appreciated. Carol looked back at Tony just in time to catch the paper ball, swiping it away from her face. The blonde straightened, putting on a professional front for a moment when Fury glanced her way. As soon as his gaze shifted, Carol held a finger to her lips and unfolded the bill. Leaning back in her chair to block herself from view, she reached forward to brush the edge of the bill against the base of Steve’s neck. He stiffened, his hand moving to cover the back of his neck. Carol slouched in her chair, fighting back giggles.

Tony caught Steve’s displeasure and looked away as Steve tried to catch his eye, already smothering his chuckles. He wasn’t looking for a fight, so where he normally would have thrown something at Steve, he instead waited and watched as Carol took their devious little game and turned it back against Steve, raking the bill against his neck. He had to stare at Fury’s eyepatch to keep from laughing. 

A boot heel slammed into his foot and he bit his lip, glaring over at Natasha. She looked straight ahead, feigning casualty, but the message was received. Still, he was far from done. A quick blind phone search and he had the audio he needed. 

When Carol flitted the bill across Steve’s neck again, a buzzing filled the air. Steve swatted the air, looking bothered, and Fury paused briefly, but resumed taking after a moment. He ignored Natasha’s look and tried to school his expression again. 

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[Text] Or u can swallow ur pride an admit im betr [Text] Y stop at 2? [Text] Bet tehy slel it in bulk

[Text] I swallow a lot of things but pride isn’t on of them. 

[Text] Are you secretly planning on hoarding Lo Mein to feed to your chicks or something why do you want so much of it? And of course Icould, I’m tony ducking stark. 


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Clint’s goal tonight: ensure Tony wakes up in a bathtub of Lo Mein

Tony raises Clint’s bathtub challenge and reminds Clint that he once filled the hot tub with honey because they wanted to know what it would be like to swim in it. 

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[Text] Bettr look outside then and tell me if the world is ending becuz im pretty sure ive got the gull 2 keep doin it [Text] Y stop at bucket? get a galon

[Text] I will find you and spank you I swear to god. 

[Text] I could make a joke about Lo Mein and worms and birds but I’m too drunk to phrase it right. Two gallons it is. 

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[Text] Im teh only 1 who can make bird puns [Text] Deal w it [Text] Wat kind of chinese?

[Text] Nope, no, you are so wrong. Everyone else makes them at your expense, if you make then your breaking the universe. 

[Text] Damn too much bourbon. 

[Text] I might order a gallon of Lo Mein. Just put “BUCKET OF LO MEIN” on the order, JARVIS can do that. 

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[ There’s a sudden exhalation and she all but slams her hands palm down on the desk. It’s a sudden wildfire sort of angry, that’s directed at nothing and everything all at once. ]


"You know, huh? You know what I’m tried of? People telling me that they know things about me as if I’ve completely gone bonkers and my personality is gone. I am so tired of being told who I am—what I am. Can you imagine how exhausting this is? Not one person has walked into this room to ask me how I feel—it’s all about what they know, or how sad they are that this happened."

[ She takes a breath before her hands raise and cover her face, elbows resting heavily against the desk. The breath is released in a shaky wooooosh and her shoulders sink. ]

"I’m tired of feeling like a ghost of a person I don’t even know."

[He wasn’t sure what he expected, but it wasn’t this. Then again, Carol wasn’t ever really completely predictable.

He slid his hands into his pockets and felt his shoulders buckle, because this wasn’t right, wasn’t fair. Then again, the world wasn’t fair.]

"Look, Carol. I’m not the guy that people go to for consolation. I’m kind of an asshole. I should have asked if you were alright, you’re right."

[He laughed, a harsh thing.]

"Really, I should have expected us to start off on the right foot anyway." 

[He rubs his face with his hands, then goes to grab her hands, stops, then puts it on her shoulder.]

"This isn’t fair to you, none of it is, I get it, and I know you get it. You’re a strong woman, and no brain lesion can take that from you. You’re a fighter, and that? That’s not me telling you that - I’m just reminding you. People haven’t been coddling you like they should be because you’re one of the strongest people they know.

"Ugh, this isn’t coming out right, but just hear me out. This isn’t you living up to some expectation, this is just you. Carol Danvers." 

[His hands ache to run through her hair, to comfort her, but he just squeezes her shoulder, stares at her.] 

"I’m no good at this stuff. But you’re no ghost, Carol. You’re still you.” 

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